Road to Successful Selling

Take high-quality photos from a variety of angles being mindful of lighting. When selling online, the days of posting one photo are over. Our standard listings allow 10 images and our premium listings allow 20 images, Use them all. Don't use screen-shots from devices, upload the original images where possible and crop them using the image software we have provided as you go.
Potential online buyers want to see various angles with attention to detail. Make sure that everything is clean. Try to snap your photos in a place with even lighting. Taking pictures beneath bright sunlight can make for harsh shadows in the picture. Avoid places where trees, poles, and other objects will lay shadows across the image. 
A good rule of thumb is to get shots of all sides. Take photos of the outside of course but be sure to include engine compartment (which may require a flash), and the undercarriage/chassis/hull/suspension as applicable. Some people won’t even consider looking at your listing in person until they’ve seen a quality catalog of online photos.



Crafting a good description is all about finding the happy medium between brief and thorough. You don't want to just say 'runs great' and then name your price. You also don't have to write a whole essay about it. Highlight the most in-demand features, plus any work needed, and if you've done any recent repairs etc. Be honest and straight forward in describing condition. Be sure to mention why you're selling, buyers want to know this most of all, so deal with it up front.




It may be common that sellers set a price that's slightly higher than what they actually want - to account for some negotiation. But the actual dollar amount matters. That's especially true since people tend to negotiate in chunks of at least $1,000. State whether the price is “firm,” “negotiable” or “best offer” - as this will help you target buyers.

After determining the true value of your listing we suggest price roughly $1,000 to $2,000 above the amount. That gives you some wiggle room if you do want to negotiate with someone. DO NOT engage with low ballers over the phone or via email, and never respond directly if a potential buyer asks what your best price is. You're already putting yourself behind the ball when you answer that question. Instead tell them you're flexible on the price, but you'd like them to view your listing first.
Some owners tend to overestimate the value, which can lead to unrealistic expectations. If you ultimately set your asking price too high, you’ll probably have more trouble selling.


Serious Buyers v Spammers:

Sellers are more likely to encounter spammers and low ballers on free websites like Facebook Marketplace etc. We suggest paying a bit of money to list right here instead, especially when you are dealing with tens of thousands of dollars. NOTE: We suggest you check every enquiry is genuine before proceeding with any sale arrangements. Never supply your bank account details to interested parties especially overseas contacts who promise to sell on your listing for you. These types of transactions are definitely scammers preying on sellers and trying to benefit from your online presence.




Sellers should be prepared for a lot of work. You need to put significant effort and time into making a quality listing, fielding phone calls, replying to emails, and dealing with no-shows. There's a reason why selling with Motorsport Sales can get you a little bit more money, that main reason is that selling takes effort. We are here to help you in that effort.
Define acceptable forms of payment. Include information about the types of payment you can accept. 
Ask for a Deposit - When you’re selling online for cash, you don’t want someone to commit to buying, only to have them renege after you’ve already removed the listing. So, to protect yourself, ask for a deposit. How much depends upon the price. $500 is a good rule of thumb for less expensive listings, but asking for around 50% of the final buying price is a perfectly acceptable practice.


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