BMW E30 M3 powered by CORVETTE ZR1 LS9

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  • $88,888
  • Make BMW M3
  • Location Taranaki
  • Date listed 07-06-24

I wish someone else would become the champion in this car and their skill set the track on fire with triumph.May their journey be filled with victories and their legacy covered in the dust of glory!.

The BMW E30 M3 coupe ute stands not merely as a race car but as a magnum opus of power and precision engineering. At its core lies a featherweight 1260 kg frame, a canvas upon which the symphony of automotive excellence is painted. This masterpiece is not just about raw power but also about the finesse of craftsmanship.

Beneath its hood resides the heart of a beast—a supercharged LS9 Corvette ZR1 transaxle, delivering a thundering 638hp and 819 Nm of torque. Yet, this isn't just brute force; it's a meticulously engineered amalgamation of power and finesse. With a dry sump oil system ensuring lubrication even in the harshest conditions, it's built to endure the rigors of competition.

Crafted upon a full spaceframe and encased in a fiberglass shell, the E30 M3 coupe ute is a testament to durability without compromising on speed. Its 6-speed gearbox, double plate clutch, and lightning-fast gear changes epitomize precision driving, offering a gentle touch suitable for all, irrespective of gender.

Whether conquering hill climbs, dominating street sprints, circuit races, or drifting, this marvel proves its mettle. Enhanced with advanced suspension, 6 piston front and 4 piston rear callipers including a hydraulic handbrake braking safety features and 6-point harnesses, it doesn't just participate; it contends for the podium at every turn. With its standard ECU from the Corvette ZR1 vin 1G1YR26R895800029, the coupe ute transcends boundaries, embodying the spirit of automotive excellence.
Using on hill climbs , street sprint , circuit , drifting
Vin Corvette ZR1 C6 1G1YR26R895800029
BMW E30 Logbook msnz
1260 kg
638hp/819 nm LS9 engine
CORVETTE ZR1 TRANSAXLE from front to back
Dry sump
Gearbox in the back bolted with limited slip diff
Full spaceframe
Full fiberglass shell
Double plate clutch 260mm
Shortened steering
cantilever s. Double wishbone billet front susp. 70+degrees full lock angle
cantilever s. Double wishbone rear end
Fully adjustable refreshed coils
6 pistons front brake calliper with endless pads and spare pads for circuit
4 pistons rear calipers
Two independent brake circuits
Hydraulic hand brake
6 point harnesses valid up to 2027
20 spare wheels 17" and 18"

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